Summer, Summer, Summer Time for Feasting!



Summer, Summer, Summer Time for Feasting!

Hmmm….now there are those ribs on the grill and I already have a veggie burger on the plate,  but just this time is o.k.  Moderation, you know.   Or how about those fluffy home made rolls?  Throw on some potato salad and sweetened mixed bean salad, afeastdd extra onions.    Did I forget a little iceberg lettuce wedge with the low cal ranch dressing  – I’ll cut calories where I can plus it adds a little green to make it all healthy, just a little to round out the plate.  Oh, I didn’t see that peach cobbler AND the chocolate cake!   I’ll top those off with a little scoop of ice cream.   Room or no room, I gotta have that but I’ll need another plate  ‘cause this one is already overflowing.  And you know, it’s only once a year so I’ll wash it down with ice cold soda and maybe an ice cold beer but I gotta have some salted peanuts and chips with that and look at those dill pickles…..  Is there anything on the buffet for indigestion?


Does this sound like someone you know?  The menu varies from person to person but the idea is the same – overeating plus eating foods that give your stomach and digestive tract a fit later on.  Even if you escape discomfort from feeling overly full o
r having gas from the inability to digest your “feast,” the next day you notice that you’re bloated and have low energy, maybe your hands or feet are a little swollen, maybe your joints ache.   Or maybe it activated your GERD or acid reflux.   A lot of us get out of control some time and aromatherapy can come to the rescue.  Some essential oils that can help are:

–Lemon (Citrus limomum):  Balances stomach acidity, aids indigestion liver cleaner and stimulant, reduces blood sugar, stimulates all supporting alimentary canal smoothe muscles (pancreas, gall bladder, stomach)

–Ginger (Zingibar officinale):  Aids indigestion, gas in abdomen and cramping, nausea/vomiting

–Tarragon (Artemisia dracunculs):  Aids gas, colitis (inflammatory and spasmodic), upset stomach from emotional distress, indigestion

–Juniper Berry/fruit  (Juniperis communis/Cupressaceae:  Stimulates pancreas/aids digestion, aids detox from over indulgence in food and alcohol

–Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin):  Aids infectious intestinal colitis

–Caraway (Carum carvi):  Aids indigestion, aids liver and gall bladder/bile insufficiency, calms cramping and spasm, aid colic and gas

MedEssential Oils has blended these oils to create relief for adults who have over indulged or who suffer digestive upsets and the name of this blend is Digestion Aid.  Please note that this blend is not suitable during pregnancy, nor is it suitable for children.  But the question remains, “Why are you over indulging?”   If it’s a response to nervousness or anxiety,  calming essential oils or blends may be helpful, such as MedEssential Oils’ Golden Living, Sleep Tite, Eye of the Calm, Peaceful Transformation or Alpine Calming Strength.  If your indigestion is due to “nerves” while eating, take a look at Calm Stomach.    Make feasting easy on yourself!



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