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NEW!  At MedEssential Oils – ROLL-ON OILS!

Several clients have asked about oil blends in roll-on bottles.  You asked for it, you got it!  We now have 7 roll-on blends:  Alpine Calming Strength, Be Alert, Citrus Inspiration, Eye of the Calm, Immuguard, Love Potion # IX, and Peaceful Transformation.  These 10 ml. roll-ons are conveniently pre-diluted for direct skin contact.  All blends are $15.00 – perfect for a thoughtful gift to others or yourself.  To recap the blends:


Alpine Calming Strength:  For loss or grief, also for lack of confidence.  Alpine scent.

Be Alert:  Get a quick jolt without caffeine jitters.  May also help headache.  Minty.

Citrus Inspiration:  Refreshing and gives a sense of expansion. Not overly citrusy.

Eye of the Calm:  Beautiful floral bouquet that is very calming.  May quell fear.

Immuguard:  Very potent, warming immune builder.

Love Potion # IX:  Sultry, earthy aphrodisiac blend.

Peaceful Transformation:  A spicy favorite to promote a meditative state.

Got to website, for more information on ingredients and suggestions for use.  If you would like to see the blends you use in roll-ons, let us know.


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