MedEssential Oils’ Immuguard Tops the Chart for its Immune and Lymphatic System Support!


For many, Thieves formula and On Guard are the oil blends of choice for immune boosting essential oils blends, both produced by the arguably leading MLM Aromatherapy companies in the U.S.

Thieves is thought to be the derivative formula that provided protection to the lucky and well-off few who had access to it during the Black Plague of the Middle Ages.

On Guard is newer and very similar to Thieves.

The effective actions of both oil blends include:

  1. Immune stimulation
  2. Anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties
  3. Respiratory tonic against bronchitis, asthma, coughs, and sinusitis
  4. Air disinfectants
  5. Fighters against colds/flu, fever, sore throat and muscle aches

MedEssential Oils’ Immuguard, developed by Master Clinical Aromatherapist Nancy D’Angelo, has the aforementioned properties of Thieves/On Guard AND Immuguard has even more oils that are known to stimulate the Lymphatic System.

The Lymphatic System is vital to good health, prevention and recovery from illness, and to reducing the discomforts of flu and cold.  

Why the Lymphatic System Matters:

It’s only within the last few years that attention has been paid to the Lymphatic System, which is surprising as it plays such an important role in both disease prevention and recovery because it is the body’s primary immune defense and waste-elimination system. It manufactures monocytes, macrophages/phagoctyes, and lymphocytes (white blood cells) that rid the body of pathogens throughout the body. This incredible system contains 600 lymph nodes that form antibodies that fight infection and has a network of collecting vessels that run parallel to the blood vessels. Because the lymphatic system is in all tissues throughout the body and cleanses tissue through drainage, when we are sick, often times the lymph nodes, where disease causing germs are destroyed, are overwhelmed and become swollen and unable to drain properly.  Lymph flow is then hindered, toxic waste increases, and disease-fighting ability decreases.

Taking Care of Business:

Essential oils that stimulate the Lymphatic system are then necessary to assist in lymphatic drainage so that system can do its job of eliminating pathogens.

 Immuguard from MedEssential Oils is the only blend that not only provides disease fighting/immune boosting essential oils but also provides essential oils that assist the lymphatic system – more so than the leading MLM brands that have none or very little.

So what makes Immuguard stand apart? Take a look below for an in-depth understanding of the ingredients that help you stay healthy!




Essential Oil Target Thieves On Guard Immuguard
Clove Immune stimulant, cold/flu symptoms
Bronchial/sinus difficulties, circulatory
Cinnamon Immune stimulant, cold/flu symptoms, fever,
Respiratory tonic & stimulant, viral infections
Lemon Immune stimulant, cold/flu symptoms,
contagious infections, sore throat, respiratory
infection, hypotensive, stimulates lymphatic
Eucalyptus Radiata Cold/flu symptoms, fever, coughs, sore throat,
Bronchial/sinus difficulties, muscle aches
X  X
Rosemary Cineole Immune stimulant, cold/flu symptoms, anti
Staph, anti strep, bronchial/sinus difficulties,
X  X
Wild Orange Lymphatic stimulant, bronchial difficulties,
Anti bacterial, anti septic, anti inflammatory
Lime Immune stimulant, cold/flu symptoms, cough, sore
throat, bronchial difficulties, air disinfectant
Tea Tree Immune stimulant, lymphatic drainage and
circulation  stimulant, anti strep/staph, cold/flu
symptoms, bronchial/sinus difficulties, coughs,
fever, ear nose throat infections
Ravensara Immune stimulant, lymphatic drainage stimulant,
anti viral/bacterial infections, respiratory/sinus
difficulties, coughs, aids swollen glands
Grapefruit Immune stimulant, lymphatic drainage stimulant,
Stimulates liver, cold/flu symptoms, chills,
Muscle fatigue/stiffness, air disinfectant
Mandarin Lymphatic drainage stimulant, stimulates liver
and gallbladder, alleviates intestinal cramping,
muscle spasms/tired achy limbs
Cassia Bronchial difficulties, cold symptoms, alleviates
digestive complaints/diarrhea fever
Palmarosa Immune stimulant, dilates vessels, bronchial/
Rhino-pharyngeal difficulties, sore throat, anti viral
Fragonia Immune stimulant, cold/flu symptoms, bronchial
Difficulties, expectorant, anti infectious, anti bacterial
Kunzea Immune stimulant, cold/flui symptoms,
Bronchial difficulties, ear nose & Throat
inflammation, anti infectious, muscle/joint pain
Birch (Sweet) Stimulates liver, cleanses blood of accumulation
of toxins, balances blood pressure, eases joint pain
and sore muscles

For those of you who would like further comparison, see below.

Comparing MEO’s Immuguard, Thieves and OnGuard Ingredients

On Guard Ingredients:  Clove, Cinnamon,  Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Wild Orange.

Thieves:  Ingredients:  Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus Radiata, Rosemary Cineol, Lemon

Immuguard:  Ingredients: Clove, Cinnamon,  Birch, Tea Tree, Ravensara, Palmarosa, Cassia,  Lemon, Mandarin, Grapefruit, Lime,  Kunzea, Fragonia,


Ingredients in Common for Immuguard, Thieves, and OnGuard

–Clove:  Aids pulmonary afflictions/bronchitis/sinusitis/asthma, immune stimulant, colds/flu, herpes, shingles, circulatory stimulant

–Cinnamon: Immune stimulant, viral infections, contagious diseases, fevers, colds/flu

Respiratory tonic and stimulant


–Lemon:  Air disinfectant, colds/flu/contagious infections, sore throat, sinusitis, fever,  immune stimulant/white blood cells, hypotensive, thins blood, respiratory infections


Ingredients in Common for  Thieves and On Guard


–Eucalyptus Radiata:  Flu/cold/fever, coughs, sore throat, sinusitis, bronchitis, muscle aches


–Rosemary cineol:  Immune stimulant, colds/flu, staph & strep, sinusitis/bronchitis, chills


Ingredients solely in On Guard


–Wild Orange:  Bronchial difficulties, lymphatic stimulant, anti bacterial, anti septic, anti imflammatory


Ingredients solely in Immuguard


–Cassia:  Colds/bronchitis, attacks 98% all bacteria, alleviates digestive complaints/diarrhea, fevers


–Ravensara: Immune stimulant, counters viral & bacterial infections, aids swollen glands,

Flu, chicken pox, Epstein Barre, mononeucleosis, cold/bronchitis/coughs, increases lymphatic drainage especially after flu/illness


–Birch (Sweet):  Cleanses blood of accumulation of toxins, balances blood pressure, eases       joint pain and sore muscles, stimulates liver


–Grapefruit:  Airborne environmental disinfectant, stimulates lymphatic detoxification, stimulates liver,  colds/chills/flu, muscle fatigue/stiffness


–Mandarin:  Increases lymphatic drainage, stimulates liver/gall bladder, alleviates intestinal cramping, muscle spasms/tired aching limbs


–Lime:  Colds/flu/congestion/cough, immune stimulant, soothes sore throat, air disinfectant


–Palmarosa:  Bronchitis/rhino-pharyngitis, soothes sore throat, dilates vessels, immune stimulant, viral infections


–Tea Tree:  Immune stimulant, anti strep/staph, anti viral, anti fungal, colds/flu/fever, chicken pox, stimulates lymphatic circulation, tonsillitis, bronchitis/asthma, coughs, TB, Whooping cough, ear/nose/throat infections


*–Fragonia:  Immune stimulant, Colds/flu, bronchial congestion, expectorant, anti-infectious, anti-bacterial

*–Kunzea: Immune stimulant, Colds/flu symptoms, ear, nose and throat inflammations and infections, respiratory ailments, muscle and joint pain.


*Note:  Fragonia and Kunzea have been shown to work synergistically together to produce greater results together as opposed to single use applications



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