Introducing MedEssential Oils First Aid Kit (Blended Formulas)


Does  your first aid kit address 20 conditions that need “extra strength” help? MEO’s First Aid Kit (Blended Formulas) does!

MEO First Aid Kit (Blended Formulas)
MEO’s First Aid Kit (Blended Formulas)

Nine top of the line aromatherapy blended formulas in this  MedEssential Oils First Aid Kit target over  20 healing processes in the body, mind or spirit!  Why blends instead of single oils?  Blends can be more potent than single oils due to synergy that boost the oils’ effects when combined.    Additionally, the blends are comprehensive in their approach to each targeted desired outcome.  Although small (2 ml.), each bottle of oil contains 30 to40 drops – enough for 15 to 40 applications.  How?   These pesticide and pollution free and/or wild crafted oils are so concentrated that only 1 or 2 drops are necessary in most cases.  Each kit comes with carrier oil plus suggested instructions for use.   The kit is an economical way to start your essential oil collection!  This kit contains Immuguard (great for onset of colds or ongoing immune boosting), Skin Balm (itchy skin patches, skin irritation, insect bites),  Breathe Free (eases bronchial breathing difficulties),  Muscle Balm (extra strength relief for muscle tension and soreness), Dental Clear (powerful relief for gum irritation, pain, abscess and a gargle for sore throat),  Digestion Aid (upset stomach/indigestion), Wound Care (first aid antiseptic oil  blend for minor cuts, abrasions), Sinus Aid (germ killing relief for stuffy nose and sinuses), and  Eye of the Calm (stress, panic attacks, grief, nervous tension).  If you need a big power wallop, this is the kit for you.  Small enough to fit in your medicine cabinet, travel bag or purse (3 1/2 X 2 round).  Powerful enough to be highly effective.  Perfect for the person who wants “extra strength” help no matter what level of knowledge regarding essential oil use. Purchase your MEO First Aid Kit (Blended Formula now!


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