Lymphatic Drainage Bath Salts 8 oz.



An excellent way to rid yourself of overall puffiness and bloating is to soak in a tub using Lymphatic Drainage Bath Salts.  A clean citrus scent is the result of the blend of  essential oils of grapefruit, geranium, cypress and ravensara which is added to mineral salt, dead sea salt and sea salt.  A pleasurable way to rid yourself of the discomfort or pain of  swelling over a large area and places you can’t easily access such as a swollen or puffed up back.


If you are bloated or puffy in large areas or all over, soaking in a tub with Lymphatic Drainage Bath Salts would be the way to go.  With a refreshing citrus scent, this is an excellent detox bath as well as reducing stress on the lymphatic system.  Lymphatic Drainage Bath Salts contains the same essential oils as Lymphatic Drainage Massage Oil and Lymphatic Drainage Cream – grapefruit, geranium cypress and ravensara.  A blend of mineral salt, dead sea salt and sea salt  is the base which further promotes cleansing and detoxification.  Depending on your tub soak results, you may follow up with use of the Lymphatic Drainage Massage Oil or Lymphatic Drainage Cream 24 hours after your soak if necessary.  Many people report long lasting results.