Clary Cooler



Ingredients  Clary Sage, Lavender, Geranium, Bergamot

At least twice per day, place a drop in palm of hand and with a finger from other hand, dab a little  to throat and sides of neck. Place one drop in palm of hand, and with finger from other hand,  apply a little  to lower abdomen and distribute.   Apply residue just under the outside ankle bone of each ankle.  Follow with a little carrier oil if skin irritation occurs.  Rub hands together, cup them over nose and inhale residue for 3 minutes..  If throat and neck will be exposed to sunlight, apply a drop to bottom of feet instead of neck and throat.  May use more frequently if necessary.  May use inhaler to boost effect.

Oil Blends are pesticide and pollutant free, undiluted and 5 ml.

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Helps cool female mid life heat or hot flashes.

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