Why do our Lymphatic Drainage products work for puffiness and swelling?


There is a surge of interest now on eliminating puffiness and swelling caused by compromise to the lymphatic system due to surgery or injury or inflammation.  Surgeries can range from breast cancer surgery to joint replacement surgery; injuries include sprains and broken bones. Swelling of joints due to inflammation is common with arthritis and bursitis.

Although little public attention has been given to the lymphatic system until the last decade, the lymphatic system plays a major role in our immunity and wellbeing.  Akin to the circulatory system, the lymphatic system has a network of vessels and also is comprised of organs, lymph nodes and lymph fluid. Lymph fluid carries white blood cells for healing body tissues and collects  cellular debris from metabolism and infection. When the lymph vessels or nodes are removed or damaged and lymph fluid cannot circulate, it builds up causing swelling (lymphedema), discomfort and diminished effectiveness of the immune system.  

Health professionals spend thousands of dollars to learn how to manually drain swelling and for certification in lymphatic drainage.  But there is a simpler, effective and inexpensive solution using essential oils! The advantages are: the oils reduce swelling within minutes; it facilitates the health professional’s lymphatic drainage treatment; following very simple instructions, the lay person can use the oils on themselves; usage reduces necessity for compression apparel; reduces discomfort and pain within minutes.  It’s as easy as applying the oil and gently massaging towards the heart.

MedEssential Oils’ Lymphatic Drainage blend contains essential oils that are astringent, they ease fluid retention, aid epidermal circulation, stimulate glandular function and last but not least, address any underlying local infection that might be brewing.  The bonus of using Lymphatic Drainage essential oil blend is that it helps with physical and mental fatigue, nervous exhaustion and stress.

Are you ready to try this simple and effective remedy?  Get yours today.


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