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Peppermint (mentha piperita) is a favorite essential oil for the holidays and winter season.  We find peppermint flavored candy, icings on cakes and cookies, and even  peppermint flavored toothpaste and mouth wash.  It is definitely one of the first choices for a stuffy nose, sinuses and  relief from headaches and indigestion.  However, there are some…(Read More)

While Med Essential Oils has its own Lymphatic Drainage formula as a massage oil, I thought some of you may want to learn about essential oils  for lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling and perhaps even create your own blend.  I hope you enjoy this article that was published on Massage Magazine’s website on May…(Read More)

NEW!  At MedEssential Oils – ROLL-ON OILS! Several clients have asked about oil blends in roll-on bottles.  You asked for it, you got it!  We now have 7 roll-on blends:  Alpine Calming Strength, Be Alert, Citrus Inspiration, Eye of the Calm, Immuguard, Love Potion # IX, and Peaceful Transformation.  These 10 ml. roll-ons…(Read More)

The old Lymphatic Drainage Formula worked great.   However, some people objected to its licorice-like aroma due to its fennel essential oil content.  In response to that objection, we have revised the formula to exclude fennel essential oil and have substituted geranium essential oil.  The result is a different pleasing aromatic blend that is just…(Read More)

It’s the holidays!  And for many people, it’s that time when special anxiety sets in.  Everyone and the media are talking about joy and laughter but there is commercialization providing a good dose of enticement to over spend or spend just for the sake of spending.   There is an ad that would have…(Read More)

  Summer, Summer, Summer Time for Feasting! Hmmm….now there are those ribs on the grill and I already have a veggie burger on the plate,  but just this time is o.k.  Moderation, you know.   Or how about those fluffy home made rolls?  Throw on some potato salad and sweetened mixed bean salad, add…(Read More)

Does  your first aid kit address 20 conditions that need “extra strength” help? MEO’s First Aid Kit (Blended Formulas) does! Nine top of the line aromatherapy blended formulas in this  MedEssential Oils First Aid Kit target over  20 healing processes in the body, mind or spirit!  Why blends instead of single oils?  Blends can…(Read More)


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