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Peppermint (mentha piperita) is a favorite essential oil for the holidays and winter season.  We find peppermint flavored candy, icings on cakes and cookies, and even  peppermint flavored toothpaste and mouth wash.  It is definitely one of the first choices for a stuffy nose, sinuses and  relief from headaches and indigestion.  However, there are some…(Read More)

  Summer, Summer, Summer Time for Feasting! Hmmm….now there are those ribs on the grill and I already have a veggie burger on the plate,  but just this time is o.k.  Moderation, you know.   Or how about those fluffy home made rolls?  Throw on some potato salad and sweetened mixed bean salad, add…(Read More)

Spring is Time for Transformation   STOP.  Stop NOW.  And BE STILL .  SEE what’s going on.   The awakening from winter’s hibernation is here.   Tremendous power and energy is pushing change and growth all around you.  The budding of the leaves and flowers is unstoppable – winter’s last blast did not deter the blooming of…(Read More)

Dear MedEssential Oils: My 17 year old son adores your Alpine Calming Strength lotion and uses it regularly especially in moments of high stress when he needs extra focus. Etc.  Dear Clueless:  It may not be allergic reaction but rather a detoxification reaction.  Alpine Calming Strength is an essential oil blend of black spruce, pine…(Read More)

A viewer wrote that peppermint essential oil is amazing.  It is!  It is one of the most popular essential oils, surpassed only by lavender.   A whiff of peppermint wakes up the brain relieving mental fatigue and uplifts the spirit.  It helps relieve flu, cold and allergy symptoms, particularly stuffy sinuses, clearing phlegm.  Many people use…(Read More)

Does  your first aid kit address 20 conditions that need “extra strength” help? MEO’s First Aid Kit (Blended Formulas) does! Nine top of the line aromatherapy blended formulas in this  MedEssential Oils First Aid Kit target over  20 healing processes in the body, mind or spirit!  Why blends instead of single oils?  Blends can…(Read More)

Does  your first aid kit address 28 conditions affecting  your comfort and health?  MEO’s First Aid Kit (Single Oils ) does! Eight top of the line single oils in MedEssential Oils First Aid Kit promote up to 28 healing processes in the body, mind or spirit!  Although small (2 ml.), each bottle of oil contains…(Read More)

Stress Relief for Work Do you have mind fatigue or “brain fog” from being in overdrive too long?   Is your workplace so hectic that you feel slightly dizzy by mid or late afternoon?   Do you feel tired but cannot relax because your mind is on a hamster wheel?     You can take a brief mind vacation…(Read More)


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