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Love Potion # IX for Valentines Day Aphrodesiacs!  We have been curious about aphrodesiacs since ancient times. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all referred to potions that entice sensuality.  The word itself has Greek roots  and association with Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty.  It is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as “an agent…(Read More)

Does  your first aid kit address 20 conditions that need “extra strength” help? MEO’s First Aid Kit (Blended Formulas) does! Nine top of the line aromatherapy blended formulas in this  MedEssential Oils First Aid Kit target over  20 healing processes in the body, mind or spirit!  Why blends instead of single oils?  Blends can…(Read More)

 Allergy Symptoms Can Be Helped with Aromatherapy and Essential Oils The study of aromatherapy is based on the body’s biochemical, emotional and energetic responses to essential oils.   These responses can be elicited through the sense of smell and absorption of the essential oils through the skin.  While it is thought that scents, even the…(Read More)

JOINT PAIN RELIEF WITH ESSENTIAL OILS Arthritis and Joint Pain Symptoms Did you know that essential oils are used to mitigate pain?  See below for more information on various essential oils and some of their properties that may help with joint pain. Joint pain typically presents stiffness, inflammation, poor circulation in the joint.  Sometimes the…(Read More)

During the holidays, did you overeat?  Did you eats lots of sweets or have that extra glass of champagne to bring in the New Year?  Did you throw caution to the wind and find rich foods irresistible?  After all, it’s only once a year, right?  But did that “once a year” extend from Halloween…(Read More)

Winter is here and it’s good to  set up a basic simple blend to help avoid or lessen seasonal complaints.  Things to consider in blending components are the efficacy of each individual oil; the safety of each oil; how the blend is to be used or applied. For health and healing, any oil used…(Read More)


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