Not Too Young To Detox for Body Odor!


Dear MedEssential Oils:

My 17 year old son adores your Alpine Calming Strength lotion and uses it regularly especially in moments of high stress when he needs extra focus. Etc.

 Dear Clueless:  It may not be allergic reaction but rather a detoxification reaction.  Alpine Calming Strength is an essential oil blend of black spruce, pine needles, frankincense, fragonia, rose geranium and ylang ylang and is designed for calming, reassuring, emotional support for soothing sense of loss, grief or lack of confidence.  Essential oils are known to be detoxifying, and can be affecting your son in this manner, especially if he is or has been experiencing profound emotional upset.  He is borderline adult so you may dilute the lotion to 1.5% which is appropriate for an older child, meaning you would add 2 more ounces of an unscented lotion to what he has now, which I would be happy to send you.  Additionally, make sure he is drinking plenty of water to accelerate cleansing/detoxification and help weaken BO.  A rule of thumb is divide body weight by 2, which will give you the bottomline ounces of water necessary to keep his body hydrated, perhaps a little more since he is very active.  Dividing those ounces by eight will give you cups.  Squeezing a slice of lemon or lime into his water would also help plus drinking peppermint tea with lemon (hot or cold) would be most refreshing and useful.   If desired, cleansing/detoxifying can be taken a step further by using a mild food based daily liver cleanse for a week.  Chop or dice 1 organic apple, add to it juice from ½ organic lemon, 1 tablespoon organic olive oil and cayenne pepper to taste.  Mix all together and eat 20 minutes before breakfast.  This concoction can also be placed in a blender for a smooth pudding like texture.  It’s not bad tasting – do not add a sweetener. This food liver cleanse can be used for 1 week monthly if desired.  Lastly, although I have not heard of this happening with Alpine Calming Strength, some scents just do not mesh with some individuals’ body chemistry, which would be unfortunate in the case of your son since he is so fond of this blend.

I really appreciate your question and if I can help you further or if you want me to send the additional 2 ounces of unscented lotion, please let me know through the MedEssential Oils website at


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