Aromatherapy for Joint Pain



Aromatherapy for Joint Pain 

by Carol Quigless,  Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, LMT, Reiki-Master Teacher and Touch for Health Practitioner

 Joint pain is so prevalent in our society at this time.  That’s a statement that many can agree with as knee and hip replacements become common place treatments.  In my massage practice,  I also frequently see the tell tale scar of “back surgery’.”   But, really, the joint pain that prompts these surgeries speaks of an insidious epidemic encroaching on our health – that is inflammation.    We often associate inflammation with injury or recovery from surgery.  However, a large portion of our population suffers from inflammation associated with autoimmune conditions such as arthritis or food allergies.  Often times, such conditions are exacerbated by our food choices, environmental factors, or stress.  By eliminating offending factors, joint pain and inflammation can be reduced significantly or in some cases eliminated.  This is a choice that is usually not strongly advocated  in doctors’ offices and patients are usually plied with medication that alleviate pain and inflammation at the high cost of serious injurious side effects.   Aromatherapy offers an effective analgesic alternative that does not cause the patient to gain a new set of woes.    The beautiful thing about aromatherapy is that you get a lot of goodies in one package, meaning that an essential oil may offer not only analgesic properties but also valuable anti inflammatory properties.  And let’s not forget positive emotional  impact which is so needed in times of pain and stress.  A great example is sweet marjoram essential oil which has analgesic properties that aid nerve pain,  arthritis pain and has antioxidants as well.  Sweet marjoram essential oil also alleviates irritability that can accompany pain and it has been known to help with stress and depression.    Sweet marjoram  is a prime candidate for a blend to relieve joint pain, keeping in mind that blends present synergy that boosts effectiveness of desired results when other essential oils are carefully chosen.    A blend such as MedEssential Oils’s Joint Balm Cream Lite, that incorporates oils that are analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant,  anti-spasmodic,  and that promote blood and lymph circulation with the added benefit of being  calmative should surely be anyone’s first choice in the face of joint pain.  Aromatherapy works!


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