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There is a surge of interest now on eliminating puffiness and swelling caused by compromise to the lymphatic system due to surgery or injury or inflammation.  Surgeries can range from breast cancer surgery to joint replacement surgery; injuries include sprains and broken bones. Swelling of joints due to inflammation is common with arthritis and bursitis…(Read More)

Save 15% on all lymphatic drainage products for World Lymphedema Day! The Highlights: Treat lymphatic drainage at home and naturally with our lymphatic drainage products Save 15% from March 5th through March 19th in observance of World Lymphedema Day! Treatments for lymphedema affecting limbs has been compression bandaging and Manual Lymphatic Drainage until now.  MedEssential…(Read More)

New Name, New Website, New Packaging – Same Great Quality Essential Oils! (Read below for more details)     MedEssential Oils is officially transitioning our name, logo, packaging, and website this week.  We are thrilled to announced MedEssential Oils is now Flourish Essential Oils! Don’t worry – the same great quality raw ingredients and expert…(Read More)