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Aroma Therapy Face Lift  Kits are AVAILABLE for purchase!!!

Facelift Kit Can be or ordered by clicking the link

Do you want a radiant, glowing more youthful look? Use this remarkable essential oil face lift kit to peel back the years. The steps are deep cleanse with Black African Soap which does not strip skin of its natural oil; tone up and stimulate underlying face muscles with connective tissue massage, tapping and acupressure using our Facial Lymphatic Drainage Massage Oil; detoxify and tighten skin with the all natural antioxidant masque; lastly, condition and nourish your skin with essential oil cream specially formulated for your skin type. The result is reduced skin sagging, puffiness, and appearance of wrinkles.   Series of 5 to 7 full treatments within 3 weeks with daily at-home support care is suggested for best results. Technique is done by a trained massage therapist or aesthetician or you can do it yourself at home by  carefully following the instruction booklet and You Tube instruction video.  Ask Carol Quigless where there is a trained therapist near you at

Below is our step by step guide for using our aromatherapy face lift kit